Sunday, August 29, 2010

Apple for the Teacher - NOT!

We live in Georgia and the kids have been in school since the beginning of August.  I still find this incredibly weird since I grew up in New Jersey and school always started the first Tuesday after Labor Day.  The only nice thing is the last day of school is the Wednesday before Memorial Day. 

I created a new SVG file for all those school scrapbook pages people will be making in the coming weeks and months.  This one includes a cute worm coming out to say hello.  Not sure this would make a good impression on the first day of school but he was so cute I couldn't resist. 

The SVG file produces a good size paper piece so please resize as needed. I did make a test piece so all the pieces cut nice.  I hope you enjoy!


Download Free SVG File Here


  1. Thanks so much for the Apple SVG. I seem to collect SVG's like I do paper. Now I just need to figure out how to get them to cut and make some things.

  2. Chris - I'm just like you. I have tons of paper and equal amount of SVGs. I'll be happy to give you some tips on actually cutting a SVG file. It's pretty easy and unlike paper you get to reuse it over and over again! Hope